Migration page
As we have noticed in the past, upgrading an algorithm to a new version has the disadvantage of losing all historical data and profit statistics. For algorithms which have managed to build up a significant profit this can offer a serious problem. As a solution for this problem we have created a migration protocol for developers in order to migrate all data from an old algorithm to a new one.

Before using the migration process, a new algorithm has to be created though the algorithm creation page . Make sure that the paired token of the old algorithm corresponds to one of the paired tokens in the allocation distribution of the new multi token Trading Contract. In order to migrate an algorithm, the developer has to select the old algorithm and the recently deployed algorithm to perform the migration on. For Migration the developer will require to sign with their wallet in order to initialize the process.

The migration process will move all historical tickers and create a correction term for all future profit calculations. The new algorithm will be renamed to equal the old algorithm and the old algorithm will have a tag indicating it is an older versioned algorithm (v1.1). The investors will remain invested in the old algorithm but will receive a notification on their dashboard showing that the algorithm they have invested in is upgraded and that they should remove their funds and invest in the new algorithm.