Algorithm Creation Page

General information about the creation of algorithms

Go ahead and deploy your algorithm through this page. If this is your first time deploying an algorithm, please go over the manual in the left sidebar and make sure to go over the terms and conditions.

Important: when deploying the smart contract make sure to wait till the page is done loading as you will receive the algorithm address and the secret API key!

Algorithm creation

* Trading directly gives lower transactions fees, but limits the possible combination of different tokens. Mercor recommends to use the direct trading option.
**The cost of deployment is 0.1 BNB. This includes a mandatory 0.05 BNB investment from the developer to track its performance before any investment has been done by investors. The remaining 0.05 BNB will be reserved to cover initial transaction fees needed to perform trades with your algorithm.
General settings

General settings of this algorithm which are set by the Mercor deployer and can not be modified for the beta.

Cooldown: 1s
Fee p/tx: 0.002 BNB
Platform Fee: 5% on revenue