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A position trader buys an investment for the long term in the expectation that it will appreciate in value. This type of trader is less concerned with short-term fluctuations in price and the news of the day, unless they alter the trader's long term view of the position. Position trading is the opposite of day trading. The former placing fewer than 10 trades annually.

Saignal - Position Trading is developed with the specific purpose of looking for the most optimal entries and exits for position trading by using a wide variety of buy and sell signals with different allocations. The amount of allocations per trade depends on the strength of the specific buy or sell signals. A thorough analysis is being made for each buy and sell, using many indicators, time frames and cross-chain data.

We make a continuous effort to improve our strategies. Updates will happen regularly.

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Published ideas are only meant to give an indication about the performance of the strategy. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Use our products at your own risk. Saignal is not a financial advisor and not responsible for any losses. Before purchasing any of our products or services please inform yourself with the Terms and Conditions on our website.

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