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Boosting Alpha B.V. designs and builds algorithms for quant trading (stocks, currencies, futures, options, commodities). We use the latest technologies, artificial intelligence, and financial and non-financial data sources in our strategy developments. We are currently managing multi-million assets over different cryptocurrency markets. All of our trading strategies are backtested over large historical periods taking into account all relevant trading factors such as trading fees and slippage. Furthermore, each of the strategies are live-tested with our own capital before being released to the general public. 



Power Of Pi Multicoin operates on 5 different cryptocurrency coins. The strategy is based on investing a small part of total capital in one specific market, however, the strategy can also invest in multiple coins at the same time if the market conditions are favourable. This way, the trading bot is able to enter positions in multiple coins at the same time, thus diversifying its allocation and spreading its risk. The strategy is able to deliver a very high win ratio (profitable trades) with a very low-risk profile. The average win ratio over a multi-year period is 80 % which means that 80 % of all trades are profitable.

Artificial Intelligence Technical Analysis Deep Learning

Contract Address: 0x39c7E350B279398E07a4e8d3FE9875ae74A76183

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Creation Date: Mon 14 Feb 2022

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