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The bot uses a momentum strategy that enters a trade when the price of Ethereum shows strength vs Bitcoin for a couple of days. The bot assumes that the trend will continue and stays in the position until it gets a confirmation that the trend is over, no matter how long that may be. Although this means the bot never buys the bottom and never sells the top, the strategy consistently outperforms the market over time. Please note that this bot is optimized to beat the market in the long run (years). During bull phases the bot’s return is slightly lower than the market, but during bear phases the bot’s return is significantly higher than the market. Backtest period: 7-8-2015 to 1-7-2021 Backtest returns: 230x the market (If you started with 1 ETH on 7-8-2015 you would now have 230 ETH) Max drawdown: -35% (max loss (in BTC) if you started the bot at the worst possible moment) TIP: Diversify your investments over several (of our) bots and only allocate a small amount of money so you can ride out a full market cycle without worrying about the volatility

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Creation Date: Mon 27 Sep 2021

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