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Mack's-D is a momentum algorithm based on multiple timeframe trend confirmation. It utilizes moving averages from across multiple timeframes and a custom rule set to cut losers quickly and let runners run. The algorithm has been backtested across a variety of cryptocurrencies for multiple years and has been deployed since January 2021. Backtest results for the BTCUSDT pair can be found here: . The settings have been optimized for trading Bitcoin (BTC) with Binance Coin (BNB) as the base pair. These specific settings have been backtested on FTX since December 31st, 2020 with the following results: Net Profit: 178.03%, Total Closed Trades: 131, Percent Profitable: 37.4%, Profit Factor: 2.572, Max Drawdown: 13.69%, Average Trade: 1.36%, Average Trade Length: 12 hours, It is important to note that these settings outperformed buying and holding BNB by 178.03% while BNB has appreciated by ~15x (the algorithms return has been about 41.7x vs USDT).

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Creation Date: Wed 03 Nov 2021

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