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This strategy is designed for Bitcoin and Ethereum scalping on low time intervals, and uses volatility, volume, and trend analysis to compute mean reversion targets. The strategy is optimized for short term trades (e.g., most of positions are held for less than 2 days). The goal of this strategy is to deliver consistent gains and prevent significant drawdown/volatility, and catch high-probability trend reversals, rather than follow established trends for long periods of time. It works best in sideways/crab markets where it tends to overperform buy-and-hold significantly, but may underperform slightly in short-term up-only or down-only markets; however, the stops built into the strategy prevent much of the drawdown (over the past 2 years max drawdown was around 10% on centralized exchanges). The strategy delivered returns of over 600% in 2021 on centralized exchanges, and was adapted for Mercor/DEX. In addition to technical components, this scalper is equipped with on-chain analysis to reduce preventable drawdown. The algorithm will allocate up to 60% to BTC and 40% to ETH for short term trades, and for the majority of the time stay in BUSD.

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Contract Address: 0xc63e40882bA495EF994052E9CCcEbDE4e0f94904

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Creation Date: Wed 12 Jan 2022

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