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Sustainable Profit with Benno Bitcoin

Benno trades Bitcoin. In times of good market conditions (Bull market) he makes profit for you. If the market turns (Bear market), he will be cautious and won't take much risk. Waiting for new opportunities...

Benno uses technical analysis to recognize major trends in the market in combination with market wisdom. 

Important to know

Let Benno do his job in peace …

Backtests with historical Bitcoin prices (December 1, 2019 to May 31, 2023) show that Benno is 42% of its time in position (in a trade). Profit over the same period of time was over 1000%. Benno does not get distracted by the delusion of the day and takes his time to evaluate the market. Good for your investment and your night's sleep!

Of course: Past performance is no guarantee of future returns


Overview backtesting results 1-12-2019 to 31-05-2023

Traded pair BTC-BUSD
Return (%) 1178%
Benchmark return (%): Buy and Hold (HODL)  268%
Percentage of profitable trades 75%
Max drawdown 25%
Sharpe ratio 1.12
Sortino ratio 4.26
Calmar ratio 4.25
Best trade + 327%
Worst trade -10.0%
Average trade duration 45 days
Number of trades 12
Percentage of time in trade 42%


Technical Analysis

Contract Address: 0xe353BB9DE6Ae43dfeB1038F04BB1a0f973238A7F

Amount of traders: 1

Creation Date: Sun 21 May 2023

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