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The Mercor premium algorithms are only available for Gold & Platinum tiers.

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One Punch Algo - Scalper

This strategy is designed to scalp on BTC, ETH and BNB using the base token BUSD. We can expect a win rate of more than 90% and a Max Drawdown of less than 10%. This is a good way to trust on the big 3 crypto if you are a bull in these and believe these to be less volatile than the other crypto.

  • Sharpe Ratio: 1+
  • Sortino Ratio: 100+
  • Max Drawdown: 10%
  • Average Win Rate: 90%+
  • Inbuilt Risk Management Added

Please be aware that this bot will not trade on hype, therefore don't expect big profit margins. This is a steady growth bot.

Available for Gold and Platinum tiers

One Punch Algo - Scalper
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Boosting Alpha - Power Of Pi Multicoin

Boosting Alpha B.V. designs and builds algorithms for quant trading (stocks, currencies, futures, options, commodities). We use the latest technologies, artificial intelligence, and both financial and non-financial data sources in our strategy developments. We are currently managing multi-million assets over different cryptocurrency markets.

Power Of Pi Multicoin operates on 5 different cryptocurrency coins. The strategy is based on investing a small part of total capital in one specific market, however, the strategy can also invest in multiple coins at the same time if the market conditions are favourable. The strategy is able to deliver a very high win ratio (profitable trades) with a very low-risk profile. The average win ratio over a multi-year period is 80 % which means that 80 % of all trades are profitable.

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Available for Gold and Platinum tiers

Boosting Alpha - Power Of Pi Multicoin
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LX Trading - Multi token premium

Favourites is our best performing USD denominated trading bot. It trades Altcoins vs USD with our proprietary momentum strategy and has returned >1250% since its inception in October 2020. The strategy has been backtested, forward tested, and deployed to ~400 paying subscribers, with an allocation limit of USD 5.000 per user.

For premium users of the Mercor platform, we have developed a special version of this bot, Favourites Premium, that 1) allows unlimited allocations; 2) takes less risk; 3) is fully decentralized.

Favourites Premium continuously monitors the top 50 of most traded altcoins and buys the hottest coins of the moment. By allocating all funds to just a few positions, profits (and losses) are compounded massively. Backtesting & forward testing returns are “off the chart”, but please note that with these returns comes risk, with (temporary) losses of up to -40%. However, if you have the stomach to sit through the losing periods, this bot can realize really nice returns in the long term.

TIP: Diversify your investments over several (of our) bots so you can ride out a full market cycle without worrying about the volatility

Available for Gold and Platinum tiers

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Bot Capital - Premium Scalper

Bot Capital specializes in automated trading strategies for crypto markets, providing its users with outside long-term returns over buy-and-hold. We deploy a combination of proprietary indicators for crypto markets, automated technical analysis, statistical modeling, and on-chain analytics to maximize returns and reduce drawdown.

Our premium algorithm on Mercor platform is designed to maximize returns by rotating between large-cap pairs such as ETH and BTC and reduce drawdown by positioning in USD at the onset of market corrections. Performance of this algorithm is measured against USD only.

Available for Gold and Platinum tiers

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MoonQuant - BNB & Main Crypto Swing Trader

Winner of the Mercor Developer Competition, this Premium algorithm takes advantage of Mercor’s latest features as well as trading multi-asset combinations.
The algo trades BNB, ETH, and BTC—seeking the most profitable structural combination—with a base currency in BUSD.

MQBCST repositions to BUSD in bear markets protecting gains or waiting for entry opportunities.

MoonQuant’s Intelligent Engine rebalances assets into a mix of holdings or positions the entire portfolio into the bulliest asset.

Full backtest results for Mercor’s competition winner BNB/BUSD are available here. Live performance results are available here.

Available for Gold and Platinum tiers

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Upcoming Premium
Flourishing Capital AI - BTC/ETH

Flourishing Capital has set out to build a bridge connecting everyday investors with a data-driven market analysis platform that utilizes the power of AI. Each day, Flourishing collects over 720GB of data from more than 4,500 markets which includes wallet balances and daily transactions, to get a clear scope of the movement of capital in and out of the crypto market and the impact it has on numerous cryptocurrency pairs.

Flourishing AI also provides its users with active blockchain monitoring, portfolio rebalancing, high-frequency trading, target price probability analysis, and early detection of bullish and bearish market patterns. With these vital tools, investors can execute trades based on true market fundamentals and quantitative analysis, instead of relying on emotionally-driven decisions that stem from social media influences and FOMO. All of which we are now integrating onto the Mercor platform.

Available for Gold and Platinum tiers

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Available for Gold and Platinum tiers

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