Staking your $MRCR tokens gives you access to state-of-the-art trading algorithms.

You can unstake your tokens at any moment just make sure to go over the burning fees as shown below!

If you need more information regarding staking and burning fees, please refer to our manual in the left sidebar.


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Burning Rates Overview

Unstaking $MRCR tokens incurs a burning fee. This burning fee has three main reasons.

  • Deflationary aspect of the token.
  • Demotivating early withdrawals.
  • Mercor Foundation fund*
    *(funds that will be used to offer additional development opportunities).

The burning rates look as follows but are subject to change during the development of the platform.

Days Burning Percentage Ratio
0 - 7 15% 90% Burn / 10% Mercor Foundation
8 - 30 days 10% 90% Burn / 10% Mercor Foundation
31 - 90 days 5% 90% Burn / 10% Mercor Foundation
91 days or more 3% 90% Burn / 10% Mercor Foundation